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Venus high and bright
can not outshine nor soar
higher than my heart.
:icon50ftbuddha:50ftBuddha 7 2
My darkest desire...
to fill her with the weight
of my passion.
Compress her need by its heat
into the rarest of gems...
admired only in the depths
of adoring eyes.
:icon50ftbuddha:50ftBuddha 16 2
fear does as fear will
fear limits
fear kills
fear found in cloistered hearts
fear found in doors shut
in doors locked
the ticking hands of a clock
or the last falling leaves of another summer lost
fear clouds the mind
and shrivels the soul
until its too late to be happy and whole
:icon50ftbuddha:50ftBuddha 19 2
supple slips her skin beneath iron palms
as fierce the whispers from greedy lips
beg release
plead without cease
as waves crash on barren shores
:icon50ftbuddha:50ftBuddha 13 0
Savor Her Moment
behind locked doors and prison walls
the transparent heart does unfold
with tender kisses and forbidden words
inferno reveals a hidden girl
flames lick secret places
whispered words unmask faces
concealed from vicious world
till arson frees the girl
to feel the heat of true passion’s bliss
from first brush of knowing kiss
:icon50ftbuddha:50ftBuddha 13 3
A Good Soldier
We are fearless
We are fear full
Men to be forgotten in the depths
of our honor
to lay on the shields of virtue
and be anonymous.
unknown for the sacrifice of our hearts
on passion’s wicked blade.
Yet once more do we march into breached heart
and secure the front of faith and desire.
:icon50ftbuddha:50ftBuddha 11 0
Old graves are better left undisturbed
for the bones have settled at home in the soil.
Long days have past since flesh has been stripped away;meat gone to decay.
Till only foul dust to blind the eyes
and bare bones to choke on are buried
beneath fertile loam.
The dead only rise to live again in myths and legends. Time is far better spent frolicking in the meadow nourished on their bodies beneath the sun.
:icon50ftbuddha:50ftBuddha 12 1
Lonesome cries the wind
through tree's barren limbs 
for leaves of green bear soft touch
as a lover's skin.
Winter's cold bites bark
much like memories 
upon abandoned heart
to stand alone midst ice and snow
stoic heart's learned art.
Frost glimmers under moon's silver face
ice coated forest hiding
love's aching pain.
:icon50ftbuddha:50ftBuddha 8 0
Would I be your golden god...towering and strong
showered in adoring kisses seated on my throne?
Would you heap my heart with praises?
Would you kneel down at my feet?
Would you  rinse the grime from my soul?
Would you be loving tender sweet?
Would you wash away the clay which crumbles from my boots?
So I stand firm and strong a god worth
loving true.
:icon50ftbuddha:50ftBuddha 7 6
I bleed for you my brothers
lost upon this world.
Your sins counted myriad.
Your hate full-flagged unfurled.
Your greed
Your lust
Your anger visited upon your next of kin.
I bleed for you my brothers.
Bleed black ink from my pen.
I bleed black for the mothers whose
children die upon our streets.
Die in a world gone mad with war strife and grief.
I bleed black with shame for our human race
dying in our streets over different faiths and faces.
Stick your fingers in my wounds!
Scrawl upon walls with my ebon blood!
Then kill all kith and kin till only
my blood bears silent witness.
:icon50ftbuddha:50ftBuddha 3 0
Not with a fist but word's soft kiss
I smash your walls aside
No angry words just gentle verbs
to reveal the truth untied.
Your facade of clay can not abate
persistent subtle rhymes
to crush inside false dead god
and free the divine you hide.
:icon50ftbuddha:50ftBuddha 8 0
Tangled tales trip the tongue
over truths lain untold.
Sleep's fleet feet eludes the mind
as blood runs cold.
Deepest night within the fight
between eyes shut and nightmares bold
phantom fingers pluck clammy skin
seeking a pound for every sin.
:icon50ftbuddha:50ftBuddha 10 0
Deviated to the Norm
I should have never tried to be more than the sum of all my parts
I should never tried to be more than just flesh and beating heart
I should have never tried to find the truth of what lies hid inside
the true power of the spirit
the truth of God in man
I should never have tried to be better than I could
I should never have tried to live in pure and honest truth
I should only have ever been what everyone else sees
Just another man that lives for the things I can have and touch around me
:icon50ftbuddha:50ftBuddha 4 1
La Belle Mort
Resist me not girl
nor deny the savor of my kiss
for sweet lips belie
last breath's gentle hiss.
Worry not at the chill
of my soft caress
for since first breath
this touch has loved you best.
Hide not from me
the stillness of your heart
the wonder of it's fleeting beat
love eternal truest art.
:icon50ftbuddha:50ftBuddha 5 3
Midway and Counting Miles
Morphine dreams slip only
the tethers of this world
to hurl unfurled the tested soul
into another coil
Pain is only rendered
within the auspices of truth
for tried and true
a twilight road lies beyond
flagging boots
The grass is never greener
The air never sweeter
on the other side
for cloak of flesh dropped behind
can not deign to make the ride
So bid adieu I pray of you
this veil of salty tears
for soul uncloaked shall free
the whole to journey without fear
:icon50ftbuddha:50ftBuddha 7 1
Wasted was this life
so full of love to give.
Wasted was this heart
with burning passion lit.
The man apart of honest heart walks the lonely road.
None desire or conspire to receive true love's fervent load.
Unwanted stretch the days beneath burning sun...
lie to truth within hollow chest; future comes undone.
Fallen once
Fallen twice
Glory fades to black.
Within the seams of false dreams
heart turns to stone...
honesty found in the cracks.
:icon50ftbuddha:50ftBuddha 5 14
Art Account: SleentheBeast



Just putting a little dirt on top of the grave. Never mind me.


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